Our Mission

Our objective is to create a warm, friendly, caring, safe, learning atmosphere, one that is best for your child, to treat each child as an individual and to put their care first.

We aim to encourage learning through play with activities both inside and out, which will develop the whole child. We aim to have a careful balance of care, learning and play. We aid this by providing a nutritious menu with 'home' cooked meals and snacks. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework from the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Our objective is to cater for many children from all backgrounds and to work as a team with parents and other professional outside bodies with the child's best interests at heart.

A qualified, caring staff at KIDS KAMPUS

We have trained, qualified staff and our employees are educated, with a background in early childhood development and other emergency training.

Our staff is responsible, enthusiastic, and well prepared and is aware of the child’s philosophies on sleep, discipline, feeding, and other care issues. We have staff that gives your child gets the attention and care he / she needs.

Child / Teacher Ratio:

  • The ratio of our staff to take care of your child depends upon the children group size. We follow the strict compliance to the following ratio principles.
  • For babies, the ratio is one caregiver for every three children if a group has six infants, one for every four if a group has eight babies.
  • For toddlers (12 to 28 months), the ratio is 1:3 for six children and 1:4 for eight or more children.
  • For children between 21 and 36 months, the ratio should be 1:4 for a group of eight children, 1:5 for a group of ten, and 1:6 for a group of 12.
  • For children 30 to 48 months, the ratio should be 1:6 for a group of 12 children, 1:7 for a group of 14, 1:8 for a group of 16, and 1:9 for a group of 18.
  • For 4- and 5-year-olds, the ratio should be 1:8 for a group of 16 children, 1:9 for a group of 18 children, and 1:10 for a group of 20 children.

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